We are moving to the COUNTRYSIDE. We have been telling this for a while and finally, in the end, it was really, truly, happening. From Milan we moved to the rural Ponente countryside. And our holiday house (the one normally used for summer vacation) has become a challenge for the future: trying to live and work in a Natural way.
This way DIANOGREEN was taken to life. An eco-friendly hospitality project especially intended for promoting this piece of the “ligure” countryside just behind the seaside. We would like to share our houses, ideas and company, trying to create a NET OF CONNECTIONS among people who are still capable of appreciating the simple and essential things.

HOSPITALITY is a pleasure but still our duty is letting you feel at home.

2 Our GARDEN is your garden as well as the plants. Look at them, smell them, pick up the aromatic herbs and fruits when they get ripe enough.

3 No air conditioning and tv but instead BOOKS and MUSIC. Here in DianoGreen the real pleasure is enjoying the fresh breeze in the “caruggio” , sun rays in the garden and get back to the lost and forgotten art of LAZING about in the open air.

4 We are for a green mobility, at least during our holidays let’s try to forget about cars and motors. You will have BICYCLES available: take advantage of this!

5 By Energy-Savings are inteneded all those technolgies and actions that can be taken in order to reduce ENERGY CONSUMPTIONS. We have followed the rules of bioarchitecture, ranging from sun panels, to the pellet stove: little steps in a ECO-FRIENDLY direction.

6 The FOOD we eat is coming from small FARMERS and from our VEGETABLE GARDEN. If you wish to buy local vegetables, oil, jams, honey we will be happy to give you good suggestions!